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Omer Mustafa

Omer Mustafa

Hi there, My name is Omer Mustafa and i am the founder of this Tik Tok Application. I love to play with the computers and Servers. And i usually like to stay between tech Geeks. I Previously founded Videoler , which provides free Urdu Video lecture to intermediate students.

When i came to the university, i realised that university was not having any instant mean to reach to the student although students are actually interested in getting the useful information but due to the hassle of opening the email they don’t bother to check what’s going around them,

That’s where Tik Tok comes into action, Tik Tok allows the university to reach the students effectively and swiftly and moreover you can chat with each other, get funny updates e.t.c.

Happy Tik Tok ing See you inside the APP

Find me on Facebook : omermustafa1921

and you can meet me within Air University, Semester 1st, Section A.

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